About Muddletation

Muddletation is a word I started to use when I repeatedly failed my attempts to meditate.   If there were meditators, I was a muddletator.   When people established a meditation practice, mine was a muddletation practice.  I joked about it at the time, but it still nagged at me that I couldn’t sit for 5 minutes regularly.

After a health scare this year, meditation found me but from a completely difference headspace.    This spring, I started to meditate.  I started a gratitude practice and  I also started to spend more time outside.  The more time I spent outside, the more I began to notice small but significantly beautiful moments in nature.

Somehow regular meditation plus spending time outside created a perfect, creative environment for writing Haiku.  With some encouragement from some fantastic people, I kept writing.  I knew nothing about the form apart from the research I did online.  The first  Haiku I ever wrote was on July 4 2013:

Symphony of birds

Dawn breaks with soft light on lake

My coffee wakes me

I am still very much a student in this beautiful art form but I think I fell in love.  Thank you for stopping by.



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