Rushing at red lights

Rushing at red lights

breaths visible in cold air

can’t out walk winter

I am out of town on business this weekend.  As a small town person, I am always amazed at the pedestrian habits of larger cities.  Today I saw a man barely glance left old right at a red light, determined not to be slowed by the traffic light.  Do people get some smug satisfaction of beating the system that is meant to protect them, I wondered as I watched him blow past me.  I, on the other hand took the few moments that this small break provided to just breathe in the cold winter air. I still didn’t quite get to the sentiment I was trying to capture but wanted to try anyway …


One thought on “Rushing at red lights

  1. I’m from Chicago. I never, okay, almost never, walk into a street without looking but the light is definitely a secondary consideration. It doesn’t really matter what color the light is, if you can get across the street, you go. No smug satisfaction involved, just the way we do it. Not to beat the system, just to get across the street…nothing to think about at all. It’s just not what you do, that’s all. If we were where you live, we would still do that because that’s the way we cross streets. You do it differently and we rarely think systems are set up for our own good or protection, so there’s another difference between towns and city thinking. 🙂

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