five after seven

Five after seven~

soft, sticky paint sounds heard through

paper thin hotel walls


This may still be just a draft but I am posting it anyway.  This is the second morning that I have awoken to this soft sticky sound.  The almost cadence of the paint roller moving back and forth over my ceiling or wall.  Discernible only to me perhaps, I find it strange that it is occurring at just after 7 am, as if this is the time where the hotel presumes its guests won’t be disturbed by renovation type sounds. 


2 thoughts on “five after seven

  1. This is amusing, especially with the explanation that accompanies it. Now I want to know who’s painting, what time they got up, did they have breakfast, what are they thinking … and more about the person hearing the paint sounds … what a good story!

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    • Thanks Ellen- you got it exactly… I was sitting there pondering the exact same things. It likely doesn’t stand on its own without the context but oh well! Thanks for your comment :))


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