There’s a spider
living in my car’s side view mirror
I’m not sure how long he’s been there
but I’ve seen him a few times now

He’s brown and small
and very determined
I usually only notice him
when I’m careening down a highway
at 100k

He clings to this fragile web he constructed
between the mirror and the side of the car
When the car goes fast
I have seen him bouncing like crazy
on the surface of the web

I worry about how dizzy he must be getting
and wonder how he can possibly hold on
How the web doesn’t rip

How when the gale of wind
shows no sign of slowing down
He somehow manages to jimmy himself
over the webbing to the small crack
between the mirror and it’s housing
To safety

All the while,
I’m rooting for this small creature
I think phew,
he’s safe
and not at risk of being flung
into traffic
for the moment

When I arrive at my destination
I clear the web he designed
in such a dangerous place
hoping he will move on and design
in a more fortuitous place
and catch lots of bugs

He continues to hide
deep in the mirrors housing
as I do this

The next morning as I’m driving
I notice a familiar brown shape
as I check my mirror

The determined spider
has been busy over night
But this time
he has better design,
he has crafted his web to the exact shape of the mirror
No longer angled
to bounce as badly in the wind

He finds a spot
in the centre of the web
as I careen down the highway
at 100k

I smile at the danger loving spider
and think
So be it



7 thoughts on “Spider

  1. This is a wonderful story and a reminder to not give up, but rather adapt your strategy to suit the situation.
    Go, little spider! 🙂


  2. This is a really great story, I love that danger loving spider, and so well told in poetry!! 🙂 Spiders are such clever creatures.

    I used to be terrified of them all, but I’ve learned to understand them a lot more. The funniest moment I ever had with a spider, was when one came running out from under a door of a hallway cupboard. I was sitting on the floor wrapping some awkward to wrap Christmas presents late at night. When I saw the spider emerge, I instantly flinched back in horror and so did the spider, leaning slightly backwards as if I was something very alarming – I guess I was! I’ve viewed spiders very differently from that day. Luckily, we don’t generally have poisonous ones – that helps a lot! 🙂


    • I love your story too Suzy 🙂 I used to be afraid of spiders but that fear has turned I to a sort of strange respect I guess. So long as they’re not ON me, we’re good 🙂


  3. I used to know a spider like that! I noticed her one morning as I was on my way down the hill; I was half afraid to get on the freeway with her so precarious on her web between my car’s mirror and the window… but when I reached my destination, there she still was. But her web was the worse for wear….


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