Smoke like clouds drifting

Smoke like clouds drifting
as if made by fire dragons
flaring their nostrils


This Haiku has been on the tip of my tongue all day. You know those moments when nature grabs your attention with something so exquisite, it is unforgettable? At first I had the idea that the clouds looked as if they were remnants of smoke left from a wild battle between dragons. This idea came and went from my mind for most of the day until it came out as written.


2 thoughts on “Smoke like clouds drifting

  1. Haha – I can just imagine those kind of smoky clouds! I love clouds, all kind of clouds, they can be very atmospheric at times and create some wonderful sky art. Very good way to describe those clouds – I’m sure there were dragons really, you just couldn’t see them! 😉


    • You always write such wonderful comments. Just reading them I can see those clouds all over again. And yes, they were as magnificent as the dragons that created them! 😉


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