See that one dead tree

See that one dead tree,
bark smoothed by weather
yet still beautiful?


4 thoughts on “See that one dead tree

  1. Some trees seem to get even more beautiful when they’re dead. I used to sit on an old dead tree like that in my primary school. It was going to fall over so it was cut down, and they left it lying on a grass verge in the playground, and naturally, all the children climbed on it! So they let it become part of the playground furniture, and it’s bark got even smoother and more polished with all those children sliding on and off it for years! 🙂 I shall have to visit it on Google Maps, see if that big old tree is still lying there. 🙂


    • Oh my goodness I love it, can you imagine seeing it still there? I know what you mean about the grey-ing of the tree as it moves through the stages of wear. Even more striking sometimes are the clusters of them, from fire I expect… Like old men, roots still firmly planted, with young trees growing all around them. Kind of sad, but again with that theme of renewal… Thank you for your lovely comments tonight… You made my day 🙂


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