Dragged to the windshield

Dragged to the windshield
A blur of yellow and black
Splat, dead butterfly


5 thoughts on “Dragged to the windshield

    • Makes me sad too Suzy, I wrote a few Haiku from the passenger’s seat of our car on a classic road trip. (will post soon). This was one of them. What I couldn’t believe (and couldn’t convey in This small Haiku) was how many dragonflies managed to escape this butterfly’s fate- they must be able to see or sense it better.


      • Dragonflies are extremely fast, they probably do sense and move out of the way just in time. Also butterflies wings appear more dense than a dragonfly, perhaps the butterfly is more likely to be dragged by a suction of air? The dragonflies lacy wings might be less likely to be drawn on the wind. Just a thought! A photographer I’m following posted a beautiful macro image of one a few days ago, and I noticed how thin and lacy it’s wings were. I remember catching butterflies in a net as a child and then letting them go again, but can’t recall having any success with a dragon fly, definitely fast movers! 🙂


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