From barest branches

From barest beaches
a single Finch sings pure joy
while the Jade tree sleeps


2 thoughts on “From barest branches

  1. This is beautiful, such a lovely summer feel!♥ I’d not heard of a jade tree though. Just looked it up on Google, made me smile, my grandmother used to have loads of those. She called them by their pet name ‘money tree’. I never knew they were called jade trees! So thanks for educating me!! They can grow to a huge size, nothing like those little pot plants she had!! 😀


    • Thanks Suzy 🙂 when we moved to this house I had no idea what this tree was either. It seems like it is dead most of the Spring until it decides it is sunny and warm enough to wake. My husband doesn’t like the tree but I do. It has the most magnificent foliage.


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