Choke my honesty

Choke my honesty
because the silence is deafening
Your sadness a tiara
Your perspective smudged glasses
Your hope a dirty dress


4 thoughts on “Choke my honesty

  1. Get the feeling this about someone who has lost their way, and their way of looking at everything is a little off-key and warped? It’s very sad, but I love the descriptions! 🙂


  2. Thanks Suzy. I almost didn’t post this one but I think I wrote this here within the anonymous WordPress pages because I could never say it to anyone… Ever. It was hard to write because this very important person in my life is so profoundly sad. I have the sincerest wish for their happiness and yet I feel like I am at a loss for words most of the time…


  3. I also have an important person in my life who is profoundly sad… lost… two of them. And this poem, hard to read because it captures the feeling of powerlessness I have, resonates strongly with me.


    • So sorry to hear Ellen. This poem surprised me when I was writing it but when I was done it had captured the way I was feeling spot on. It is sad and I am still very entangled with this person’s well being.


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