The Strong One

A bit of context for those of you knowing me to primarily be a Haiku-writer-wannabe– today’s words are quite the departure but I read the poem A Smile to Remember by Bukowski yesterday in a link from Suzy’s (wordmusing) blog here:

So reading this Bukowski poem yesterday was incredible and this morning I wrote these words about my relationship with my Father. I don’t think I would have tapped into this without my exposure to that particular Bukowski poem yesterday.

When did you stop being the strong one
The shell of your former self is gaunt and bony
Your virtually useless limbs like dead weight
I can see the sadness behind your eyes when you don’t look at me

These moments remind me how I used to be so afraid of you
The bursts of anger I was terrified of still linger deep
My small scared heart scarred by fear
Certain I preferred it to the pity I am trying not to feel now

When did I become the strong one
The frightened child in me has forgiven you with time
My every action filled with appreciation
I can feel the sadness behind my eyes when I can’t look at you


4 thoughts on “The Strong One

  1. It just came out of my pen I swear Mike -it must have been building up for some time, this need to address my fears and as you say my sadness. I actually felt better for having put it to paper.


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