Headspace Discovery Series Part 2 Day 8

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh

There was nothing really special about today’s session.   It was the concluding commentary that really resonated.    I am getting quite good at noting distractions as pleasant, unpleasant or neutral.  My mindfulness immediately after the meditation practice is quite good, and as before, it tends to  fade as I move through the day.  On a positive note, I had a handful of mini moments of mindfulness  in the past few days, more than I’d had before.  Yay for small victories!  It sounds so simple to do, but it is so hard to get out of your own head sometimes. and be aware and in the present.

Today, Andy commented that this is because our minds have been able to “roam freely” for so long, it makes sense that it is challenging for us.  He mentioned that you can make small progress of remembering to be mindful 10 times a day, increasing to 100 times a day, to 1000 times a day…and that what this does is create a ‘stability of awareness’ over time.  Mindful Rome wasn’t built in a day.  I am so interested in the potential that meditation has for this reason alone.  To be able to observe what is going on in my mind, my reactions, my thoughts and how they link together to create emotions, feelings.  And in turn how I then resist what is.

Earlier in the week, Andy spoke about empathy and using situations in life to see how others are reacting emotionally and in their physical body.  Today he linked this to observation of both another’s emotion and your thought process as you observe.  That you could potentially see yourself, your habitual reactiveness and patterns of behaviour in your response to another’s reaction/response.   It is a huge clue in detecting these patterns in yourself.  Huge potential for developing patience, compassion for both others and yourself.

I like the idea he presented today on becoming a little more friendly, curious even with our emotions and and feelings.  Looking closely at how we reject or resist them in situations that present themselves throughout the day.   Whether we acknowledge it or not,  this is the catalyst or the impetus  in finding the way to be at peace with ourselves.   Building on this awareness of the present moment, and expanding it’s frequency and duration is the key.   We need to do this as often as possible as we move through moments and situations in our day.  For this alone, I continue.  This daily exploration of mediation practice, something I resisted for so long has now clicked.  I see the benefit to myself and to others.  It’s huge.


2 thoughts on “Headspace Discovery Series Part 2 Day 8

  1. Thank you for sharing your mediation experiences with us, Kim. Curious to know how long you’be been meditating for and also how long it took before it ‘clicked’?


    • Just about a year now… It really clicked when I started to use a mediation program called Headspace. It’s quite guided but I felt I needed that as a beginner. I also use calm.com whenever I need more quiet. 🙂


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