Headspace Discovery Series Part 2 Day 5

Half way through (Day 5 of 10) Part 2 of the Discovery Series, I have learned several things:

1-The intention I am setting to carry the mindfulness I create with this exercise is fading very quickly as I move into my day

2-The noting creates more space between the feeling/thought/ or otherwise distraction and if the technique is recalled soon enough (i.e. before I am lost in thought, it is quite effective). It encourages the feeling of separation of self and thought.  I am not my thoughts, my thoughts aren’t always true…

3-The more I am able to create anchors to the present, the easier it will be to retain the intention.

Andy, the host, suggested creating these anchors to help re-establish your focus on the present.  He calls them  “mini moments of mindfulness”.  And the goal is to create more of them throughout your day.    He mentioned something as simple as a post it note–blank– if  by posting it somewhere you visit or see frequently, it would shake you back into the present, to try it and see where it takes you. I am thinking this could be expanded to just about anything.  It’s creating the focus and the intention and the link between the two that is the tough part.

I am amazed at how a change in my environment affected my session this morning.  A bit out of sorts, lazy even in an awesome hotel bed, with gorgeous feeling sheets, I decided to prop myself up with pillows.  (Ha!)  While I can’t say that it affected my focus, I know I certainly wasn’t focused today.  Different seating affecting posture, different sounds, different lighting even.  My mind today was caught between rehashing the emotionally charged events of yesterday and planning or creating my day today.  I was able to notice the distractions quickly but even after taking note of them, I went back to them over and over again.  The body scan at the outset made me realize that I am focusing on the parts of the body that didn’t feel good as opposed to parts that did feel good or neutral even…interesting.

One thing is for sure, these Headspace sessions frame my mornings.  They are my MIT in starting my day off right.  I am still struggling with retaining my focus on the present and have a lot of work to do.  But my mind is curious and interested and that is the best part of the journey.


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