The Story of Zeus and Athena

Acquiring goldfish is a serious undertaking

Believe it or not, they have personalities

Calling for your care and attention

Determined to beg for food

Examining every nook and cranny of the tank

Focusing on your footsteps as you approach

Guiding your attention to their open mouths

Hoping you will notice them

Incredible wonders they are

Just swimming and breathing and

Killing time

Languishing in the bubble stream that comes from the water changes

Moving into the fresh water

Noticing their playful nature

On tank cleaning day

Purposely tapping the thermometer to “call me”

Quiet burbles from their tank aerator relax me

Realms of the deep for them but

Scared when the power goes off

Terrible fakers feigning famine

Undeniably part of the family

Very chatty when you put your face near the tank

Wondering what you are saying

X –Factor off the charts

Yes they are

Zeus and Athena, my goldfish

WordPress Daily Prompt July 28 A-Z poem or story…




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