The sound of the rain (June 19 2013)

I could hear the sound of gentle rain as I did my meditation this morning. It was almost as if it was calling me to come outside. The more time I spend in this habit, the more I realize this is a refocusing action for me, it is an activity, that although quite simple, has far-reaching effects on my well-being. What is it about breathing in the green that surrounds my home? Today for example, I took my place on the front porch, under the stoop of the roof, one small dry line of deck space where I could sit and stay dry, warm drink in my hands. The sound of the rain was so soft and gentle on the roof above me and was louder as it hit the leaves of the trees around me. I was visited by a cute little song sparrow who quickly found the glass feeder could shelter her from the rain while she picked at her breakfast seeds. These small observations, and breathing in the scent of the rain was incredible. I wish people would slow down even just for a brief moment to absorb moments like these.


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